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Wedding Packages Abroad Crete

We’re excited to share with our our wedding packages abroad Crete and how they work!

Crete is one of the largest islands in Greece and due to it’s busy agricultural industry Crete is one of the only islands that stays open year round.

The island has a rich agricultural industry and exports many fruits and vegetables from olives, olive oil, grapes and tomatoes. The best thing about this is that as a visitor to Crete you’ll enjoy many locally grown produce and you really can’t get more organic than that!

Crete has some of the largest, softest and whitest beaches in Greece. It’s this gorgeous landscape that encourages couples from all over the world to holiday and get married here.

In Crete you can find traditional fishing villages to modern five star hotels within easy reach of each other, so here you wont need to worry about your guests being comfortable. The island is so large and rich in history that it’s demands to be explored so guests wont be bored either.

Crete has one of the most varied portfolios for weddings, we have a treehouse in the middle of the countryside with it’s own Zoo, an organic working farm with village square and church and a romantic private olive grove, all available to hold your magical wedding abroad.

You can’t really get more diverse or unique than this.

Crete is amazing value for money too, so a budget that would be average at home will get you an incredible wedding just 4.5 hours away in Crete, and you don’t need to worry about the weather either.

Crete also has one of the longest summer seasons in Greece it’s not uncommon to go to the beach to bathe in November.

Below is a sample of one of our most popular wedding packages abroad Crete. Our inclusive packages include everything you’d need to celebrate your wedding in style, including floral centrepieces.

However our team of award winning wedding planners are here to ensure you have a day that is truly unique to you and we’ll ensure that you’ll have a dream wedding day and completely stress free wedding planning journey too!

Wedding packages abroad Crete – example

T H E  N E C E S S A R I E S 

UK based wedding planner to arrange all the details of your wedding before you arrive in Crete for your wedding.

Help with all wedding paperwork to ensure your wedding is legal.

Unlimited emails, SKYPE and phone calls.

Wedding information pack to help with your wedding planning

Private wedding coordinator to stay to coordinate evening events

Community fees

Marriage certificates

Pre-wedding meeting at your hotel

Visit the venue to see the ceremony and reception areas on arrival.

Escorted visit to the town hall to complete the legal process

Legalisation of the marriage document with apostille stamp

Delivery of marriage certificate before you leave Crete

Translation of 5 papers including final marriage certificate

Administration fees & VAT


Wedding night accommodation for the bride and groom in the White Suite at the villa (one night)

C E R E M O N Y   &   R E C E P T I O N   S E T  U P  /  D E C O R A T I O N

Rustic Wooden Arch with fresh flower decoration and drapes.
White tiffany style wedding chairs
Centrepiece – a traditional arrangement of olive branches in a glass vase for each dinner table

F L O W E R S 

Bride’s bouquet in any choice of colours, local flowers

Matching single buttonhole for groom

Professional photographer during the ceremony and for 1 hour after
30 printed photographs and negatives on CD


Saxophonist to play at the ceremony

C A K E 

Traditional Greek style wedding cake   (enough to feed all)

D R I N K S 

Welcome Bar

Welcome drink of fruit coctail, Fresh Lemonade, Orange juice, Raki (local drink)

Drinks with Dinner

Soft Drinks (assorted), Red & White Wine in carafes, Beer, Raki (local drink), Still bottled water

Following Dinner – unlimited drinks from dinner until end of evening

A bar area will be set up and serviced by 2 barmen providing all necessary equipment, soft drinks and juices.

2 bartenders, 2m portable bar, full bar equipment, transport cost

Supplies (grocery, fruits, ice cubes, printed menu, plastic cups, plastic shots, straws etc.)

Refreshments, juices, fruit purée

Standard Spirts


Wine – red, white and rose

Sparkling wine

4 cocktails of your choice from the provided list (ask for details)

W E D D I N G  M E N U 

See example menus below.

E N T E R T A I N M E N T 

Resident DJ for 8 hours

P R I C E  F O R  30  P E O P L E | 15,571*euros

P R I C E  F O R  4 0  P E O P L E | 15,392*euros

P R I C E  F O R  6 0  P E O P L E | 18,154*euros

*to see prices in your own currency, click here

T A K E  N O T E

This package may alter according to the number of persons, ask for details.

Prices are 2024 and may increase for subsequent years
There are no transfers included in this package but can be arranged

There is no end time at the venue – so you can party until you are ready to drop!

Ceremonies can take place anytime but due to the heat the suggested time is 6pm – DJ will then paly until 2am (DJ can be extended by the hour for an additional fee)

Photographs included in our brochures are of a variety of weddings and are for inspiration purposes and are not necessarily representative of what is included in this sample costing, please see package details for what exactly is included, please ask for more details if you need clarification.

MENU for parties of 40 or less – other menus available

Basket with Breadsticks, bread

Olives and cherry tomato


(Served on platters for 4 people)

Platter with a variety of savory tarts, canapés, dried fig and grapes

Beetroot salad with yoghurt, apple and walnuts

Zucchini Fritters with yogurt sauce

Savory tart with spinach and leek, assorted cheeses and cream

Stuffed mushroom with smoked ham and graviera cheese

Pork bites and assorted peppers cooked in wine sauce

Main course

(Served on platters for 4 people)

Verde salad with five green vegetables, sun dried tomato, dried fig, mozzarella cubes and honey sauce

Traditional roasted lamb with oven potatoes


Seasonal fruits

Chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream

Menu for parties 40 and above – other menus available.

Bread basket with Breadsticks, bread


(Served on platters for 4 people)

Platter with a variety of Savory tarts, canapes, dried fig and grapes

Beetroot salad with yoghurt, apple and walnuts

Cold pasta (farfalle or rotini pasta) with fresh tomato, olive oil and basil

Savory tart with mushroom, assorted cheeses and béchamel

Stuffed mushroom with smoked ham and graviera cheese

Pork bites and assorted peppers cooked in wine and tomato sauce

1st Course

Cretan wedding rice “pilafi” cooked in meat broth served with yearling lamb and free range chicken (with a side of Greek yoghurt)

2nd Course

Verde salad with five green vegetables, sun dried tomato, dried fig, mozzarella cubes and honey sauce

Traditional roasted lamb with oven potatoes

Dessert Buffet

Seasonal fruits

Variety of treats

Ice cream Flavors

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How to tailor your wedding packages abroad Crete

With Crete being a year round destination it’s a given that it attracts some of the best suppliers the wedding industry has to offer. The island is also home to some of the best photographers and stylists and wedding designers in the world.

If you can dream it, we can create it.

First a note about booking suppliers if you are planning on arranging your own wedding abroad. In recent years Greece has tightened its restrictions when it comes to working on the Islands. So when you book a supplier make sure you have all your paperwork in place and be sure the suppliers business is registered and they have documents to show they pay VAT too, which is not optional in Greece like it is in the UK for smaller businesses under the threshold.

These documents may be required by authorities and you don’t want to have any issues on your wedding day if a supplier is denied access to your venue.

Tailoring Your Wedding Package

Along with flowers and cake design and flavours there’s a few things you might want to consider when tailoring your wedding day.


  • Flowers are great value in Crete so are a pretty way to bring some personality and colour to your wedding. However our packages do include a simple table centrepiece which you may feel is enough. Also consider your venues natural pallet before deciding on adding more. If your venue is already abundant with colour and foliage then do you really need to add more flowers?
  • Fairy lights are a great way to add detail and ambience to an outdoor venue. Rather than hanging them overhead which can be expensive why not wrap them about trees, or even add hanging lanterns.
  • Lighting – if your venue is outside and you want a particular colour or feeling to be evident at your wedding, then this can be arranged with specialist lighting.
  • Consider table names, name cards and menu cards as ways to personalise your tables. We can arrange these or you can bring them from home.


  • Greek dancers are almost always a must at Greek weddings. We suggest keeping it a surprise and having them perform after dinner so guests can be revived after eating the huge Greek portions you’ve just fed them.
  • Live music is always a nice addition, either traditional musicians to serenade you or even a pop band for the evening.


  • Crete is home to some amazing photographers, we can offer any style and duration you like, even a pre or post wedding shoot! Why not make the most of the incredible setting you get to have your wedding in.
  • Remember to check the time of the sunset at your venue so you can make sure you get that romantic photograph to display on your wall at home.


  • A videographer really does add another element to your wedding memories. If you’re anything like me you’ll forget what you’ve said as you’ll be so emotional you’ll be doing all you can to keep it together. We still love looking back at our wedding video, recorded 17 years ago.
  • Interestingly in a recent poll we ran with our previous couples, their one regret was not hiring a videographer! Food for thought.

We hope this helps you understand more about our wedding packages abroad Crete work and how they can be tailored to make your wedding day unique.

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