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Santorini Wedding Venues - The Bridal Consultant
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Blue domed chapels, romantic windmills, luxury modern terraces, and some of the most magical sunsets in the world that draw couples from all over the world to this incredible Cyclades Greek Island.

With some of the most desirable venues that book up months/years in advance Le Ciel in Imergliovi, Dana Villas in Firastefani, the luxury Cavo Ventus and Even Theros Wave Bar, one of the coolest beach bars in Europe!

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Santorini Wedding Venues

Santorini is shaped a little bit like an semi circle, or I prefer to say a prawn. The volcano or caldera side has the sunset and the opposite beach side enjoys the sunrise.

Quite an important detail if the main reason your drawn to the island is to get images of those amazing sunsets at your wedding.

Here’s a great tool to check the exact time of the sunset on your wedding day

Check the time of sunset on your wedding day

Our Santorini Wedding Venues are mainly on the Caldera side due to the sunset views, but we do have a couple of beautiful venues on the beach side, one popular option is to have a sunset view for the ceremony followed by a relaxed beach style reception, it’s a great way to see and enjoy more of the islands diverse landscape. Some couples just prefer two separate venues for the wedding and reception, similar to how we marry in the UK, it keeps an element of surprise.

The top tip of the island is Oia, this area is very popular with tourists wanting to visit the quirky architecture, in particular the beautiful old windmills. However it’s quite difficult to get too/from as it’s accessed by only one main road that is incredibly busy in high season. Especially if you get stuck behind a tour bus.

The streets can be very crowded and busy in high season.

The bottom part of Santorini is a lesser developed part of the island, great for a day trip to discover a more authentic Santorini.

Where to stay in Santorini

Most visitors stay in one of two areas, on the Caldera Side this would be Fira the Capital, Firastefani next to the capital, Imergliovi or Pygros all enjoy amazing views. This side of the island however is quite expensive as you’re paying for those amazing views and most hotels here are 4 stars or higher. Important to note that this side of the island isn’t particular child friendly so make sure your hotel accepts and is safe enough for children.

The caldera view is very popular for honeymooners and young couples, the islands nightclubs are in Fira the capital and stay open until the early hours so lots of younger couples are naturally drawn to this area.

Those with families or those on a smaller budget prefer the two beach resorts of Kamari and Perissa. My favourite of the two is Kamari, I love the layout, the relaxed but very elegant style of the bars and restaurants and I love strolling on the long Promenade. The rooms on this side of the island tend to be larger and are more accepting of group bookings.

The beach resorts are very flat and more suitable for children than the caldera side, the beaches here are black shingle due to Santorini being a volcanic island. So beach shoes are advisable.

The water is stunning and warm enough to swim in from June onwards. If you’re a morning person I certainly recommend waking in time for the sunrise.

They are in my opinion, just as stunning as the sunsets.

What to eat

The island is extremely proud of its locally grown produce, their cherry tomatoes are incredibly tasty and you’ll find they dominate a lot of menus, along with the local wine, but please make sure you order wine from a local winery, you can still get the ‘not so nice’ tasting wine if you choose house wine.

The islands restaurants mainly serve local Greek style traditional dishes, some presented more rustic in style than others. On the beachside you’ll find beach style tavernas with a more relaxed dress code and dining experience.

You can find ‘fine dining’ styles of restaurants on the beachside of the island but the Caldera side is more known for this style of dining.

Eating out will cost more on the caldera side, after all you’re paying as much for the view and the unique incredible setting as you are for the food. If you can’t afford to do this every nigh we certainly recommend doing it at least once, it’s a memory that will never leave you.

The islands sunsets are some of the most photographed (outside of Hawaii) in the world.

You’ll understand why when you see one.

The white and blue houses that dot the caldera offer the perfect canvas for the dance of colours that appear around an hour before sunset and last around 15 minutes after the sun has set and this is what draws people year after year to this pretty Cyclidic island.

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