Planning A Wedding Abroad Part 1 – Home or Away

‘We have always loved Greece so we knew we wanted to marry there’ Beth, Married in Zakynthos in June 2019

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A Wedding Abroad Vs a Wedding at Home

Planning a wedding abroad. 1 in 4 weddings now take place abroad, the draw of good weather, the many cost savings and a built in holiday attracts more and more couples every year to consider a wedding abroad rather than a wedding at home.

With December being one of the most popular times for wedding proposals it’s only natural that January and February are our busiest months for enquiries, we get daily emails from excited but anxious newly engaged couples asking simply

‘Where do I start?’

We’ve put together a series of ‘info blogs’ to help you get from A to Z in your wedding abroad planning, we hope this will guide you, fill you with ideas and answer any burning questions…..some you may not even have yet!

If at any time it all feels like too much then pick up the phone and chat to one of our award winning wedding planners. We’re always happy to ‘chat’ weddings.

Today we’re looking at the reasons behind having a wedding abroad?

It’s important to consider your reasons at this stage to make sure that a wedding abroad is right for you

ONE – The Weather

The weather is one of more obvious draws for choosing a wedding abroad. With weddings abroad possible year round all over the world if you long for sun or snow you’re sure to find it abroad, if not at home.

TWO – The Cost

Weddings abroad are not only cheaper than in the UK but naturally tend to have smaller guests lists, these two things alone will generally lead to an immediate cost saving.
Whether cost is your driving factor or not you can certainly have a more extravagant wedding abroad than you would at home for the same budget, as long as you choose the right venue.  Destinations like Greece and Cyprus are excellent value for money, whilst destinations like Italy and France, Spain can be more expensive, but even in these locations some offer excellent prices, especially in low season, so it’s worthwhile shopping around.

‘David and I are from different parts of the UK and no longer live in England, it seemed natural to have a wedding abroad.’ Jessica, married in Tuscany in August 2016

THREE – Guest Numbers

If the thought of arranging a wedding on a huge scale is already making you break out in a sweat then planning a wedding abroad could be perfect for you. The cost of flights and hotels is a natural deterrent for some guests and if you really want to restrict your guests list then consider booking a venue that has a maximum guest capacity. No need to make excuses then for not inviting people!

‘I’m so sorry, but our venue is so small we can only invite 30 people, otherwise I’d love to invite you’

FOUR – Unique Venues

Do you desire a wedding ‘out of the ordinary?’

Maybe you’re imagining a cliff top at sunset, being barefoot on the beach or hiring a historic home or private villa for the day?

If a wedding at home doesn’t give you this option you may have to look further afield and a wedding abroad offers you endless unique options. Quite often one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding abroad is choosing the perfect venue with so many incredible options to choose from,  imagine powder soft sandy beaches, magnificent castles, luxury yachts or a vineyard in Italy, you will truly be spoilt for choice.

FIVE – Family

We’re such travelled people now that quite often we end up living away from where we grew up, I myself met my husband whilst working in South America and we settled eventually back in the UK, but in a different area to where we grew up. So with family spread out in different locations quite often it’s easier to find a central place to meet and have your wedding abroad as part of a family meet up/celebration.

SIX – Just the 2 of you

Maybe you want very little fuss and attention, no stress of planning and just want to turn up and do the deed! It could be your second time around and this time you want a different experience to your first wedding, weddings abroad are absolutely perfect for those that want to get away from it all and get married alone. We have so many requests from couples wanting to elope, that we’ve introduced for 2020 our ‘enchanting elopement’ series, offering wedding packages designed for intimate weddings for couples with up to 10 guests.

SEVEN – Renewal of Vows

Perhaps you have a special anniversary coming up and you want to celebrate this with renewing your love for one another, or maybe you’ve had a particular tough few years and you want this renewal to be the start of a new chapter, either way you want the place and venue to be unique and different to your wedding day. A wedding abroad is perfect for this and you could team it up with a holiday of a lifetime too!

Why not, after so many years together, you deserve it!

EIGHT – Same Sex Weddings Abroad

Same sex weddings are not yet legal in all countries so it may be that you want to go abroad to get married in a destination that does recognise same sex weddings, you can have a wedding in a unique destination and follow it up with an wonderful honeymoon at the same time.

What reason did you choose to plan a wedding abroad?

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