Weddings Abroad In a Covid 19 World

Hope is not all lost….

Right now there is so much uncertainty around it seems hard to get excited about a wedding, some might even feel selfish for arranging such an event when there’s so much suffering and worry in the world.

However no matter how much we worry and stress it won’t change what’s going on around us, and one way or another, in whatever form, the world will go on and we need to adapt and find a way to carry on.

So with that mind I’m throwing some positivity out into the universe.

Let’s find something to celebrate about…..

One thing is for sure, we all need a bit of mood changer about now, and having something such as a wedding to plan and look forward too would certainly raise lots of spirits.

And what a better way to face the dark, cold winter months than dreaming of those blue skies and soft sand beneath your feet.

A wedding is a time of celebration and joy, a day filled with love and laughter, a special day that you’ll remember forever and a day that creates memories that really will last a lifetime.

Last year wasn’t a complete washout…..

Weddings still took place last year, albeit some were smaller than originally planned due to the restrictions, however they were no less special, in someways they were even more special due to the horrible situation we found ourselves in and the challenges the couples and their guest had to overcome to get abroad. The wedding was an escape from all the uncertainty and worry we’ve become accustomed too in 2020.

Weddings will also happen in 2021, I imagine the year will still have its ups and downs but slowly we’re finding a way to live with this new reality (albeit temporary) and by the time the wedding season of 2021 begins we’ll be so much more prepared than we were this time last year, testing at airports will be much smoother, we’re more aware of what we can do to keep ourselves safe and avoid catching the virus and ‘fingers crossed’ we may even have a vaccine!

I truly hope the worst is behind us and by this time next year we’ll be almost back to normal. Never has there ever been time in history where scientists have worked together to find a cure for a disease meaning we’ll get their faster by working together.

In the mean time, a few tips for 2021 couples.

  • Be realistic, you may find that your guest list reduces a little, that’s understandable, not everyone can or is willing to travel so speak to guests now and see how they’re feeling. The one positive of having a smaller wedding is that the budget will reduce too so you can then treat yourself and splash out on that extra special honeymoon suite or even go crazy and get fireworks!
  • Be prepared to start the day a bit earlier and finish a bit earlier to work inline with local guidance.
  • Start a facebook group and invite all guests, keep them fully updated a out plans, and let them know if anything changes as soon as it does to avoid worry and lots of phonecalls which in themselves can be frustrating.
  • If you have one, PLEASE trust your wedding planner, we’re on the ground and are often the first to hear of any potential problems that need resolving, we’re also likely have a few alternative suggestions by the time we call you to discuss any issues. It’s our job!

This is a horrible situation for everyone, and is completely outside anyone’s control. So please try to be understanding, most wedding businesses are small and are doing their best to co-ordinate their weddings and clients while all this madness goes on around them.

They do really have your best interest at heart.

Ultimately they want you to be happy, and they’ll do anything humanly possible whilst be aware that your safety is priority.

We’re now looking forward to 2021 and beyond and we’re optimistic that it will be a fantastic year and after 2020 we’ll all be ready for a party wont we!